At HordaGruppen, we want all our employees to feel like team members who can make a valuable contribution to our business. Our goal is to actively involve all our employees in:
- creating the conditions for generating new business
- putting customers first
- developing the company in such a way that it plays a positive, meaningful role in their lives
- developing attitudes that encourage personal learning and development
- actively contributing their own skills to the continuous improvement process
- fostering good relationships and team spirit among everyone at the company
- actively taking responsibility for meeting production and quality targets

Employment opportunities
We are always interested in hearing from people outside our company, even if we do not currently have any vacant positions. Please feel free to email our HR manager.

Students at HordaGruppen
HordaGruppen serves as a mentor company for college students. We are happy to receive inquiries from individual students and groups about future opportunities for working together.

Internships and research
Are you a student looking for an internship or a research project? We offer opportunities in the following fields:
- Materials development
- Marketing
- Leadership
- Human resources development
- Quality assurance