to everyone that visited us during Elmia Subcontractor 2017.

The correct answers in our competition during the fair are that,

there are 1475 pcs O-rings in the can and the hose weighs 101 grams.

High pressure!

Now we are back after the holiday and if you are not satisfied with the weather we can offer you high pressure here with us!

It is full spead ahead and right now we are looking forward for the highlight of the fall, Elmia Subcontractor 14-17 november, hope to see you there!

Vacation 2017

We are closed for vacation w.28-31.

If you need to contact us, please contact w.28 Conny Bengtsson, w.29 Lars Lejon, w.30 Peter Jonsson, w.31 Lars Lejon.

We wish all of you a nice summer!


We are closed for holiday between 23 december-30 december.

This year we have decided to not send any christmas cards to our partners,

we send a gift to the Swedish Cancer Society and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year here instead!