BLOW MOULDING in plastic

Blow moulding is the perfect method for producing hollow bodies, shaped pipes and closed containers. The process starts with the extrusion of a semi-molten plastic tube, or parison. The parison can be manipulated in various ways. For instance, it can be sucked through a closed mould and then blown out to the inner walls of the mould (3D suction blow moulding). Another option is to pre-blow the parison and shape it by closing the mould around it (2D or conventional blow moulding).
The 2D technique is suitable for products with flat sections or large dimensional differences.
The 3D suction technique is suitable for products with circular cross-sections. It is ideal for creating flexible bellows sections or ducts with complex geometry. We work in most engineering plastics, such as PA, PBT and PPS, and in various thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) and polyolefins.