When it comes to working in partnership with our customers to create the optimum product, we are in a class of our own. We always aim to exceed the customer’s expectations. With 40 years of experience in designing and engineering plastic and rubber components, we are a partner you can trust. We take care of the entire project, from initial inquiry to series production. Working with a broad spectrum of materials, we can always choose the one best suited to the customer’s needs, whether it be rubber, plastic or polyurethane. We offer unique compounds tailored to specific requirements and are constantly improving and refining our recipes. The specialty materials available include Vamac, a high-temperature material ideal for gaskets, bellows and other components in internal combustion engines. Another specialty material is EPDM, which can withstand high and low temperatures alike and is oxygen- and ozone-resistant. We also have extensive experience of system components comprising multiple polymers and metals. In 40 years, we have yet to encounter a challenge we couldn’t meet.

Prototype production
Our prototyping experts can create demonstration products of various kinds, including blow-moulded plastic components, polyurethane components, injection-moulded rubber components, and mandrel-vulcanized rubber hoses. The accumulated knowledge and experience of our employees is our number-one asset. We are extremely flexible and are always pushing the boundaries of engineering possibility.